Write 28 Days Challenge #2—Broken

You can’t break up the nest without cracking the eggs.

We own chickens. I understand what a broken up nest would, at the very least, crack the eggs. I came from a broken up nest from long ago. Our parents divorced when I was six years old. As a child, I saw my father for the last time at ten years old, and for the final time, as a grown woman, lying dead in his coffin. I never asked our mother anything about why our family had broken up. What good what it have done. It was the way it was.

But God had other ideas. Our loving, devoted great-aunt was the positive, Godly force in our lives. She was our ballast. Secure in her beautiful Christian faith, she lovingly patched our broken family with prayer and hope. She never spoke in negative ways to us, in any manner. She was our saving grace.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, Lean not on your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will direct your ways”—she would recite Proverbs 3:5-6 while tapping her finger in rhythm on my chest. She had a way of making us not feel broken at all.

Our world is full of brokenness. We are all guilty. We break promises, hearts, commitments, treaties, laws, and agreements. Some are intended, others are not. The attempt to avoid having a broken heart, life, or commitment is to have no life at all. My sister succinctly says, “Life is dangerous to your health.” Indeed it is.

Yet, trust is also a part of our lives. We place our trust in many things and many times unaware. We trust our cars will get us to work; other drivers will stop at red lights; the food we buy is safe; that chair will hold us!

So when God tells me to trust in Him, I believe His promise. I have walked with Him long enough to know He does not break His promises. My broken youth He healed and made for good. Only He can heal our broken lives.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart…My great-Aunt was right.

Conclude—Last FMF Prompt for 2020

Words are fascinating.

After all “In the beginning was The Word”. The meaning of the verb conclude is wonderful. It has two related meanings; one is to come to a decision, the other is to bring to a close.

This year is nearly ready to come to a close, and I have surely made a decision about it. God is in control. He always has been. He always will be. Nothing catches Him by surprise. He has mapped out this coming New Year already and I am sure looking forward to it. For He goes before us.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

FMF Writing Prompt—Beyond

Sometimes I get beyond myself.

Life is busy. It has never seemed to slow down. When I was young it seemed so full and busy, and now that I am older with children all grown and gone, I feel even more busy! I am very aware of being on the short end of a good long life and I want to keep it full for as long as I am able. But sometimes I do get beyond myself.

Early morning time with Jesus saves my heart and soul. I would be done for without His comfort and presence in my life. He gives me hope and strength as I pour my heart out to Him.

“Put your trust in Him always, O people,

Pour out your hearts before Him, for

God is our refugee…” Ps 62:9

He saves me from myself. Glory to God.

Five Minute Friday—Present

Where ever you are, be there.

I heard that phrase a long time ago. It took a while for me to figure it out. However with the advent of I phones it suddenly became very clear. Probably because we always have the device on us. It seems now we are always talking to at least two people at the same time. One is in person, the other on the device. It rather feels unfair to both parties.

Is that one reason we as folks feel more lonely than ever before? It is a personal challenge to not do it, and give the person I am with in person my full attention.

Note: This is my first attempt to participate in this challenge of Five Minute Friday, please be patient.