Chuckle Time

The farm lives on chuckle time.  Get out to the barn early because the Chuckles want to get out of their coop.  Go out to the barn for the very last time at sundown because the Chuckles have finally taken themselves to their coop!  Fill up the bird feeder to overflowing.  Hurry!  They are watching from across the lawn—waiting for some sunflower seeds to spill out onto the ground.



Be very sure there is straw in the horse feed buckets mounted in the corners of the stalls.  It cannot be said this PFO does not have proper bedding prepared for them to lay their eggs.   Oh, yes, the horse troughs must always be filled to the rim.  These chuckles like to take their sips of cool water from the horse troughs.  These are small troughs, so the girls are able to stretch over the tops to quench their thirst.


No feed in these horse feeding buckets—is full of fresh straw for the chuckles!



These busy, happy girls makes everyone chuckle!



They roam all around the farm, yard, fields and roads, come into the garage, and one time found their way in a neighbors fenced (with box-wire!) yard.  They even stop traffic!  It has been suggested a “Chicken Crossing” sign be posted on the driveway.  Despite all this “trouble”, these gentle, sweet birds give this family gifts everyday.  Their sweet voices, funny antics, and of course the most delicious eggs ever tasted!


Oh dear!  Twilight is falling, the farm has drifted into a peaceful, dreamy evening, and this PFO has not put those Chuckles in!  Gotta go……



Heading to their coop for the night.



Springtime vs Blog Time

Time off in springtime is a rare thing here at Blue Rock Horses & Farm.  Everything in the yard, garden and field is growing in earnest.  As soon as it is trimmed, cut or removed, more has grown in its place!  It is wonderful, though overwhelming at times.

We have spent the last month or more in reclaiming our fields overgrown with unwanted weeds, and vines—too many, and they are moving slowly and steadily out into the fields.  This job calls for brute strength, and excellent knowledge in running the tractor and bush hog.  So this PFO hired out help.  She knows when the job is bigger than her.  So she hired one of her sons.  He lives the nearest and was willing to work this tough job.


He knows how to run the equipment.  He puts the “hurtin’s” on all that over-growth!



‘It can be done and he can do it!’


We are not finished, but have put a good dent in this job.  And by the time it is completed, we will have measurable field re-opened for the livestock.  Grateful, and thankful are incompetent words for the work being done by this ‘hired hand!’ It is amazing what he can do both with machinery and in day’s work!



He got so far back in the overgrowth, it is hard to see him or the tractor!



Reclaimed land from awful over-growth.

By the end of the day, a whole pile of brush was pushed on a pile, burned and—GONE!


It did not take long for this brush to burn down.


By the end of the day, it was gone!


Next day, the cattle were rolling in the ashes!  Guess the ashes were not hot!