Ten Reasons why riding lessons with Blue Rock Horses are worth it

Our Lessons:

1. Are private

2. Build confidence.

3. Teach responsibility.

4. Develop students as an athlete.

5. Teaches animal husbandry.

6. Teaches control of students’ body.

7. Teaches students how to handle fear.

8. Teaches the joy of working with animals and their thought processes.

9. Teaches students to think and anticipate.

10. It is downright FUN!!!

Pretty fall lesson

Ready to mount up for a beautiful fall lesson.

Rainy Day in the stable

A rainy day in the stable is a most wonderful place to be. Even the horses agree with this.

The lights are on, casting a welcoming call to enter. It is warm to the sense of sight and smell and has a comforting feel not only to me, but the horses as well. As I spread out their hay in the mangers, I lolly gag around so as to hear them munching joyfully. They are warming their bellies, and wet coats while the entire scene warms my heart. Must I leave and go into a house where the dust and cobwebs must be cleaned?

Ahhhhh! To be in a barn on a rainy day!

Good things come in little packages

These little guys are so much fun and a perfect alternative to those of us with few acres, less time, and does it bear mentioning, less strain on the back picking hooves!

Tag Along's BR

Animals listen to our Creator. They rest!

I have gone with a friend of mine who takes her mini’s to nursing homes.  Both the mini’s AND the residents enjoy the time visiting together!

Tag Along's Claret

Mini's are always ready for BIG attention!

Riding Recital

Riding Recital? What is that?  It was an idea my daughter gave me! She has several piano recitals throughout the school year, and since I do not take my riding students to show horses (for many reasons), I thought a Riding Recital would be a great way for the girls to show their riding skills.  It was a great hit!! The girls loved it, the horses enjoyed themselves, and the parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, etc, etc., had fun as well.

Recital Spectators

Our guests enjoyed themsevles and took many pictures.

A lovely ride

Our student and horse make a nice looking team here.

A fine end!

A fine end to a fine day of riding. We're looking forward to our spring recital!