God Meant it for Good

But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good…Genesis 50:20.

Do you know this Biblical account from the book of Genesis? The history of Joseph and his jealous brothers? The coat of many colors? This account begins in Chapter 37 of Genesis and goes through the end of the book. It is a fabulous story of a brave young man who loved the Lord and always believed in His goodness for his life. Through hatred, lies, and imprisonment Joseph gave God the glory through it all. Do you know it?

Someone asked on one of the blogs I follow just how has this COVID virus has effected me and my family. This is my response, “God meant it for good.”

While I cannot say, dear reader, just how or where this virus came from (though we all know it came from Communist China), I can say I feel it has been turned into a plandemic. ‘Do not let a good crisis go to waste’ is the driving force of many of the power-hungry politicians currently ruling in much of our country. It is disgusting. In our fair state of Virginia, abortion clinics are ‘allowed’ to stay open (they are “essential’), while churches and other ‘non-essential’ businesses are not. Convicts are being released from prison (give them a mask!), while the public is threatened with arrest? Is this for real? ABC stores are “essential”? Yet our sons business is not? Just exactly what is essential? It seems to me that anyone that has a house payment, or rent, bills to pay, and a family to feed is essential.

So what are you getting at you draconian politicians? More control over the people of America is your driving force is what I would say. What else could it be? To preserve the freedoms and rights for we the people? Not hardly. To keep us “safe”? Safe means control.

But here is the joy of it all. God meant it for good! Glory! I have chosen to seek the good in it. The following are some examples of the blessings in our families in these times:

1. Our one son and his wife have been the hardest hit by the edict of ‘essential’ business. Yet, in spite of it, they look wonderful! Actually, the best I have ever seen them—at peace and joyful.

2. We have had loads of more times visiting with and having our grandchildren here at the farm.

3. Gardens have been planted by our families for the first time ever!

4. Our homes have had beautiful improvements made to them.

5. We have more money in our pockets because no stores are open (which means we can give more to our community).

6. More family dinners together than ever!

7. Fishing! Lots more time spent fishing—oh yeah!

Here are some photos of the joy we have found through these past months of over-bearing politicians trying to gain their upper hand in our lives. I think they have forgotten just how resourceful and independent Americans really are.

The Wise Woman

The wise woman builds her house…Proverbs 14:1.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother that has shown herself wise. Her own works praise her. Such a lovely time of year to celebrate mothers too. Nature seems to be singing praises as well!

My mother and mother-in-law have passed on. But there are plenty of moms that are worthy of praise. I hope you enjoy the beauty of the season in these photos as they join me in wishing each and every one of you a


In Focus #7—Flowers in Vase

Spring is here, in full bloom. Glory!

That means busy times here on the farm and in the gardens, regardless of any virus. Plants have no opinion about it, and go about their business in full force of the season.

It is time to bring cut flowers from the gardens into the house for Sunday meals with family. Virus or not, we have our Sunday meals together. We believe in the rich value of family, fresh air, and community immunity. Fresh air is magical.

There is little time to be on computer, as the outdoors is quite demanding this time of year. Spare moments for this primary farm operator are spent trying to catch the beautiful Barn Swallows on film out in the barn. Apparently they are camera shy, for every time I am out at the barn without my camera they are everywhere working on their homes in the barn. When camera is in hand, there is not one to be seen anywhere. I’ll catch them yet!

So in the meantime, here are a few photos of flowers in the vase on the dining room table. The floral arrangement in the second set of photos are not from the garden. I did not like the usual vase they were delivered in, so I put them in the ceramic one after the beautiful lilacs expired. The iris are blooming, I believe they will be next!

Thank you for stopping by. Hope these photos inspire the hope and joy of this Spring season in you.

Hope springs eternal. Blessings to you all.

Is there anything that smells sweeter than a lilac?
They are easy to grow as well. Which color is your favorite?
Sunday family meals are important.
I did not like the usual flower-shop vase these flowers came in.
This ceramic vase is lovely.
The iris are blooming.
They will be the next to fill the vase.