Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Quiet

“Is it too quiet here for you?” my mother asked me once while sitting outside at her farm in rural Clifton Forge, Va.

“Golly, no!” was my immediate reply.

We could hear so much. The birds singing, the summer locusts, horses walking and grazing in the field, the whistle of the train passing through off in the distance. It was lovely and peaceful.

Our farm is the same. Mom never saw it because she passed away before we bought it. But it too is peaceful and quiet. And when sitting on our east porch, I can feel Mom there with me enjoying the quiet. It is a wonderful blessing.

Fast Blog!

This has to be a fast blog! It has been a while since I have written a blog and I do have good reason. Her name is HoneyPie! Our new puppy! I spend every one of her waking hours with her, and have to do many chores while she naps. It has been happily busy around here over the past five weeks we have had her.

She is a Tri-colored Pembroke Corgi with her tail! We ordered her tail before she was born. Our breeder said we were the first folks to ever request the tail from him. He was so happy, he would send photos saying, “Look at that cute little tail!” He also told us Corgis cannot be shown anymore in Great Britain unless they have their tails. Docking them is not allowed anymore there either. It is considered cruel and unusual punishment. We are not there yet here in our country, but I have noticed many more folks wanting their Corgis to have tails.

So please allow me to introduce to you our HoneyPie:

HoneyPie, 8 weeks old.
Being a puppy is such hard work!
Our future chicken herding dog.
Time to catch a nap!
See that cute little tail?
Life is busy and happy with her!
She also loves getting wet. She needs a larger pool!
Running in tall grass? Oh boy!!
But it does not beat the pond…
Such a happy face after a swim in the pond.
Good, smart puppy—Come!