Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Doubt

Todays FMF word, doubt, is perfect. Along with this weeks writing prompt from Kate came an invitation to join Anita Ojeda’s 28 Day Writing Challenge for the month of February.

I have never considered myself a writer, but I do enjoy words, well-written stories and blogs, etc. So it seems daring for me to even enter into a group of writers. My doubt is high.

The biggest joy will be reading the other participants in the group. So, I will take the plunge, try to ignore my huge doubt and plan on having fun and learning much. Thank you, Anita, for hosting this opportunity.

Every Dog has his Day

That is what my mom would always say. Well, this day belongs to chickens. More specifically, their eggs. They are nearly as hard to find as my hundred pair of glasses I have strewn all over creation here on the farm. Once eggs are found, the price is so high, one would think there was a golden one in the dozen somewhere. Things come and go in this world, and I think it is super that the one animal the whole universe wants for lunch is having her big day!

Chickens are the current big thing.
It is their ‘day’!

We have owned chickens off and on for many years. We have had them continuously since moving here. They are an important part of our farm. We depend on them not only for eggs, but because they are free-range, they perform good work around the place. They eat tons of bugs. It is fun watching them follow the horses, gobbling up insects the horses stir up. They are great composters as well.

They eat tons of bugs.
They scratch up the manure.

I leave fresh horse poop in the paddocks for several days. The chickens will dutifully scratch the piles up after a few days looking for just-hatched worms. Great! Worm controllers as well. Want to create a new flower or vegetable plot? Pen your hens in desired spot for new garden, leave them there several days, and voila! They have done the first part of scratching up the ground for a new bed, and have fertilized it as well. Good chickens.

They help compost the manure and eat the hatched worms!

As to be expected, we do loose some to predators during the day. Though dogs and horses help in that department. They help keep wildlife at bay. So far, in nearly eight years of having chickens here, we have not ever seen a snake around the barn. Thanks again to dogs, horses, and cats.

So hurray for the chicken. These current days seem to be hers, and I would say everyone likes to have ‘their day’, would you agree?

Go, chickens, go. It is your ‘day’!

Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Receive

For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” Romans 8:15

The power of this passage gives me strength and hope. Listening to news, even only once a day, can bring on a fearful spirit of bondage (that is its intent) to my heart and mind. Thank God for His Words of comfort. I can be easily overtaken by the times we live in. Yet, God is in control, He hears our prayers, and He calms my worries.

I do not know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future. Do you?

Anatomy of a Burn as Perceived by the Patient

I reached for the electric plug from the wrong side. A careless move that caused a steam burn on my arm. Never reach across an electric boiling steam kettle on the spout side, always unplug from handle side.

Never unplug boiling water kettle from this side.
This is the side to unplug a boiling water kettle.

Any thinking person knows this. Obviously I was not thinking at that hot second. That non-thinking moment caused a nice first-degree burn on my arm. As our son-in-law succinctly says: “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. That I did.

I ran it under cold water first thing.
Nice sized first degree burn in an inconvenient place.

Immediate first aid was running it under cold water. This helps relieve some of the heat and pain. It had a pretty mean sting to it for sure. Afterwards I spread honey over the burn for relief. Our honey is local which makes it all the better. It is also an analgesic, and an antiseptic, and sticky. Air can further irritate a burn, the honey helped keep air off. Do you know honey is the only know food that never goes bad? Amazing.

Local honey spread over the burn, after running cold water over it, helped relieve the pain.
Shirt sleeves caused the tender, new skin to peel. It was not a blister. A blister from a burn is a second degree burn.

Although the photos make it look as if a blister came up on the burn, it did not. Long sleeved shirts irritated the tender new skin, and it peeled. This was the hardest part of the healing process, as it was quite tender. The sleeve needed to stay rolled up. Problems presented themselves when I had to go out in public. This is when I bandaged the wound to protect it from the sleeve and being out in public without being exposed. Sleeping was a bit of an issue as well. It seemed no matter where I placed my arm, the sheets would aggravate it. I did not want it covered at night as it needed air to help the healing process.

I bandaged it when going out in public.

It took a full two weeks to heal. And here is the best indication of a wound healing—it starts to itch. It is now only a pink patch on my arm. Because we are in winter, I am not concerned for it getting too much sun. However, if it were summer, I would be very careful about the amount of sun this new tender skin could get.

Healing is happening.

I grew up in an era where First Aid was a required class to take in high school. It is no longer taught in school to my knowledge. We were given an excellent First Aid book that I still own and refer to often. I know methods of first aid has changed much, but in my little mind, a burn is still a burn, a broken bone is still a broken bone, and a splinter is still and splinter, and good, basic first aid should be known well by every one of us.

Looking better and better.

Starting to itch now—good sign of healing.

Took two full weeks to heal.
Can hardly notice it now.

Hasn’t God given our bodies amazing powers of healing? Glory!