Hello! I am,

Mitzy, a farmer from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  This fertile, beautiful valley has raised myself, my twin sister, older set of twins, and our mother (who was also a twin!).

Farming, fresh air, and animals have been a part of all our life always.  We also grow vegetable  gardens, enjoy cooking, making homemade breads, and  flower arranging.

My husband and I raise beef on our farm.  Our post, “Meet the Farmer and the Farm,” dated August 14, 2016 tells more about us.  I call myself the PFO, Primary Farm Operator, because I am.  I write this blog as well, though my sisters have been known to help!


I invite you to pull on your puts, grab a cap and gloves and come hang out at the farm  here on my blog.  It is the next best thing to being here!



Happy in the hen house.  You are invited to come spend time with us on the farm!





Just a bunch of look-alikes run around the farm!





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