#loveyourneighbor—You may Need Them One Day!

Accidents happen.

Thank The Lord for good neighbors and safety.

Lesson for me: Never be on the phone when husband is out on the farm running equipment.

I did not hear my husband yell. Thank The Lord our neighbor did. He came over to check out why Bill had yelled with the urgency he had. He was bush-hogging around the pond. He got too close to the edge. The bush-hog and back tire of the tractor slipped into the pond.

Thank The Lord for our other good neighbor who has a tractor. Together all three men were able to safely get the equipment out. No injuries, except, perhaps, a bit of pride!

I shall let the photos tell the story:

Our good neighbor making sure it is safe for other tractor go and to pull from.
Other neighbor and rescue tractor in position.
Hooking up chains.
Coming out nicely.
Bush-hog was unhitched. Tractor is out.
Bush-hog rescued!
All is well that ends well. Thank you, thank you to our good neighbors, James & Jeff. Time for a cold drink!

Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt–Order

“A place for everything and everything in it’s place.”

Rosie, the robot, always said that on the cartoon The Jetsons, as she would methodically go around the house putting everything in order.

It makes me laugh when I say it too as I clean my house. But order makes me happy and keeps me sane. Though I do not consider myself a ‘clean freak’, things must be kept in order.

It is amazing to me how well our animals here on the farm even respond to the order of the day. They know how the day is to begin and end, and are quick to remind me if I am late.

It seems our good God of order has placed that sense in all of His Creation as well. Glory!!

There is order even in flowers.

Five-Minute Friday prompt—Summer

I grew up working in the tourist industry. Endless Caverns in New Market, VA was my childhood home and our family business.

Summer was the busiest time of year, full of traveling folks from all across America. We had campgrounds, a livery, a 5.5 acre lake for campers and local folks, walking nature trails all over our 1,300 acre farm, and of course the caverns. I took my first tour, as a tour guide, through the caverns at 16 years old.

Summer, to this day, is a special season for me. I always hate to see it go, even though I throughly enjoy all the seasons here in Virginia. We never vacationed—we were the vacation! We met many wonderful people from all parts of America. From sea to shining sea!

I wonder just how many tours I took over all those summers!