Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Represent

We all represent something. Whether we are aware of it or not is immaterial. It is visible to others. Ask them what they see in you that show what you represent.

So the question is, what do you represent? What does our daily life tell others about whom or what we represent?

I am a Jesus follower, aka a Christian. Disciples were first called Christians in Antioch, as recorded in the book of Acts 11:26. It is a daily prayer and hope when people see me they recognize the One I strive to represent.

This photograph I recently took encapsulates the image of my goal in life—i.e. to love others as Christ loves me.

FMF Writing Prompt—Chance

It is County Fair time here in Virginia!

Always an enjoyable time of year for us. We look forward to both Frederick and Clarke County Fairs.

Competing in events is terrific fun. I will be entering several photographs for a chance of winning a ribbon.

Seeing which photo wins is an interesting surprise. What wins at one fair does not necessarily win at the other. The photos I think may have a chance to win at times does not. Beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is a learning experience to study the winners. Some are obvious, others are not.

See you at the fair!

Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Danger

“Oh, Lord, please deliver me from the danger of myself!” is my oft made prayer before The Lord.

It seems too often I am that ‘Pharisee’ Jesus said to be aware of. You know those that are clean on the outside, but are full of greed and self-indulgence on the inside? It appears the harder I try the worse I become.

How grateful I am for God’s long suffering grace towards me. Sometimes I need to extend Gods grace to myself, for I too am only a puny human.

I feel much like Ruth Graham who adopted this saying for herself after seeing it on the road:

FMF Writing Prompt—Important

Important. A fine word for the start of a New Year.

Great for reflection and looking ahead. The questions I ask myself are: Did I accomplish those things I thought were of value and importance to me over this past year? What specifically is important to me in this coming New Year? How am I going to achieve those things I deem important?

One specific goal is to ‘be still and know that I am God’. To set aside quiet time to spend with God and reflect upon my daily life. Reflection is important. I plan on putting this photograph of our grandson astride our miniature horse, Snowbell, where it is easily seen as a reminder to be still a moment of a normal, busy day and think on God. A feeling of refreshment and hopefully a quiet assurance that God is here with me will fill my heart.

Savor—FMF Writing Prompt

So teach us (me) to number our (my) days, That we (I) may gain a heart of wisdon. Ps. 90:12.

This having always been a fervent prayer of mine through every stage of life. Time is an enigma that has pierced my thought life always. It is a “burn in my belly” desire, as a friend explained it once to me. To be keenly aware of every day given to me. To savor and love and thank God for everyday.

I have determined to savor each and every day. For life truly is but a vapor…

Once—FMF Writing Prompt

Once, only once, have I been able to watch a chrysalis transform into a butterfly. Such a fascinating mystery to watch. We put it in a jar. One day we found a Monarch butterfly fluttering around the jar anxious to get out! It happily flew away.

One of our gardens is a designated pollinator garden. That means I allow the milk weed and other insect loving natural plants to grow as food for the Monarchs butterflies and other native insects. It is growing larger every year. I have even mailed milk weed seeds to folks interested in having beneficial pollinating plants for nature in their gardens.

In addition, I have great fun taking photographs of butterflies. Though often it is a real challenge!

Milk weed gone to seed.

Sunrise—Five Min Friday writing prompt

There is something special and invigorating about watching the sunrise of a new day. It speaks of promise, hope, future, a plan, and joy in each and every rising.

Being an early riser has afforded the privilege of seeing sunrises daily. So accustomed to them, I feel I have lost the best part of the day should the sun rise before me.

The most special time is on Easter morning. Sitting outside watching and waiting for the sun to break forth on that most glorious of all mornings. Easter morning. The tomb is empty.

He is Risen. He is Risen indeed!

Fix—for FMF

What a fun word. Or rather what fun, dear memories it conjures up for me.

My father-in-law was a real fix-it man. Born in 1912, he was a child of the Great Depression. He sure knew how to fix things, and make needed/wanted household items from scraps in his shop. He kept everything knowing he made need it for a project someday.

I loved his shop and would spend time with him in it watching, listening and chatting with him. It was neat & tidy—a place for everything and everything in its place.

He went home to be with The Lord many years ago at the grand old age of 98.

Memories of him linger in our hearts and homes as we still enjoy the many things he made for the necessity of our homes so long ago. They are dear to our hearts.