Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Trust

Trust is earned, it is not a given. Would you agree?

Having animals has taught this truth to me. There is an odd thing about it though. I have noticed an injury to the animal that needs my care builds a trust that lasts the remainder of that animals life with me. It’s as if the injury helped build that trust between them and me.

I sure am not one to be looking for injuries to myself or my animals, but I can say it has also worked that way for me as well. Serious injuries have forced me to place the trust of my care to people I do not know. Seems to me trust at times can be a leap of faith.

I wonder, do you think God has something like that in mind for us through pain and injury? To teach us to trust in Him? Hmmm…

FMF Writing Prompt—Guess

“Your guess is as good as mine.”

Mom would often say that and many times I do as well. However, some things are known. No guessing required, only belief is required.

What does a look around one’s life tell us? Do we really need to guess there is order in the natural world around us? Do we need to guess about the daily rising of the sun or that our 24 hours of each day will pass by?

There is no guessing for me about our Lord Jesus, and His presence in this world. How about you?

“Dear God, be good to me; The sea is so wide, And my boat is so small”—Breton Fisherman’s Prayer

Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Danger

“Oh, Lord, please deliver me from the danger of myself!” is my oft made prayer before The Lord.

It seems too often I am that ‘Pharisee’ Jesus said to be aware of. You know those that are clean on the outside, but are full of greed and self-indulgence on the inside? It appears the harder I try the worse I become.

How grateful I am for God’s long suffering grace towards me. Sometimes I need to extend Gods grace to myself, for I too am only a puny human.

I feel much like Ruth Graham who adopted this saying for herself after seeing it on the road:

Three Season Identity

The naturalist was informative and engaging with our grandchildren during the program we recently attended at West Virginia’s Cacapon State Park.

The on-again off-again rain did not stop our outing, but must have others because we were the only attendees.

Valerie Chaney, Full-Time Naturalist, at Cacapon State Park happily answered our questions as we made our way around the park. She gave each of us a pair of binoculars to see nature close up. She asked thoughtful questions to the children as well.

The nature lodge is well-made, cozy, and full of all sorts of local wildlife. Beautifully taxidermies line the walls in a grand display of the wonders of the natural world to see up close. Some of the animals and fish I have never seen. Thankfully the huge wolf is not local!

One interesting challenge Valerie gave us was identifying trees. She invited us to study not only the leaf structures, but the bark on the tree as well, and the general overall look of the tree. Such a challenge! She encouraged us to be able to identify them in those three ways throughout each season of the year.

She would watch and listen to the birds and ask if we knew them and their songs. Some we knew, she told us the others. The huge Pileated Woodpecker hole in the tree was fun to see too!

She gave us an interesting way of looking at the wonderful world of nature all around us. The park has many activities for families. Check them out! Also on FB.

Glad this huge wolf isn’t local!
Look at the size of the Pileated Woodpecker holes!
These two Shag Bark Hickory’s make for an easy tree to learn by its bark.
Grapevine is another easy starter for beginning naturalist.

Another trip to West Virginia’s Cacapon State Park will be made this summer. As an added note; their restaurant and gift shop are terrific!

Five-Minute-Friday Word Prompt—Heal

“Jehovah Rapha,” is the cry of my heart this sad week. We cry out to God, and He hears us. Oh Lord, heal our land, heal our people.

We are living in an upside-down world of no sense. Wrong is called right and right called wrong. Yet, we all can agree the mass murders that took place this week are wrong and devastating. If only Your people would hear Your voice, You would heal our land. Repentance belongs to us, we must repent of our sins for God to hear us. Dear God, hear those that cry out to You. Comfort our hearts, those families. Spread Your loving wings over our hurting hearts. We need You! This is my prayer this week. To God be the Glory!