Todays Writing Prompt

What’s something most people don’t understand?

Most people in our country today do not understand the Bible and the truth it holds. Actually they know nothing to very little of it. As such, simple, basic truths cannot be known, much less understood.

For example: What does Easter celebrate? How many Apostles did Jesus have? Name the four Gospels?

Why my concern anyway? Your truth is your truth, mine is mine, what is the issue? The issue is simple, truth is eternal, truth is timeless, truth stands on its own. It is not “mine”. It is far greater than puny, little me. We do not own truth. We simply either live it out or deny it. Truth does not need defending, it need only be proclaimed. It defends itself.

Because most folk don’t read the Bible anymore how can it possibly be understood?

Know what I used to do? Now I’m confessing. I used to read the Bible and tell myself, ‘Yeah! My husband needs to read this! He needs straightening out!’ or how about this, ‘If only my sister (co-worker, friend) would read this we would get along a whole lot better!’

Then something awful happened. I clearly remember one early morning ‘seeing’ a finger gently pointing to me with the impression on my heart that said, “I am talking about you.”

Me??? I am the problem?? How can that be? I’m practically perfect in every way!

It was a paradigm shift in my life. It is hard coming face to face with oneself. Scripture describes these two character traits as pride and humility. Scripture tells us pride comes before a fall, humility before honor. Boy, was that humiliating.

Perhaps that is why people do not read The Bible? It is not fun coming face to face with oneself. I can tell you – everyone else likes me better!

Are you up for a self-check with Truth? A little time in Scripture will reveal Truth to you. Are you up to it?

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