“It is interesting to know that all over the world horses are measured in hands. The dollar changes everywhere, and gallons and weights vary too. But in India, China, England, America, everywhere horses are measured in hands.
And it is exciting that no matter how much machinery replaces the horse, the work it can do is still measured in horsepower–even in this space age. The first rocket that lifted the first American into out space had a weight-lifting booster of nearly a million horsepower. Horsepower has become a world term, translated into French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, and Yiddish.
And the feeling which man has for his horse in universal. He respects machines. He knows they are tougher than horses, can stand heat and cold better, and they do not have to be watered and fed when they are idle. But with all their efficiency they cannot give one vital thing, companionship.
The jeep or automobile doesn’t whinny in gladness or in anticipation of breakfast when you come out to the garage in the morning. And you can’t smack it on the fender and tell it to move over. And it doesn’t care whether you ever take a ride or not. And it doesn’t lip carrots from your hand or nip your jacket in fun or slobber water over your clean shirt. Machines have about as much warmth as a refrigerator. And that is why the horse is still a part of our lives and will live on…”

Quote taken from Marguerite Henry’s book, All About Horses;@1967, Random House.

Even 45 years later, her words still ring true! Don’t you think?

horsepower at play

"Horsepower" at play!