FMF Writing Prompt—View

This may be a stretch of the word this week, but here it goes:

Do you ever buy things because when you view them in your home it makes you think of someone special? This happened this week-end with a set of black bear salt & pepper shakers I saw at a local gift shop. They reminded me so of the cute bear s&p shakers Mom had on her kitchen table. Our sister asked for them after Mom died because they were together when she bought them. They were special to her.

I was with my daughter and son-in-law when I saw these little shakers. When she viewed inside the box I was holding and saw them, she remembered Moms as well. So I purchased these, to my daughter’s delight.

I wonder, if one day to come, she may say the same thing I heard my sister say, “I’d like to have these little bear shakers. Mom & I were together when she bought them.”

Ahhhh…the circle of life.

In Focus—#16

I was the only one who saw them.

The early morning sun shining over the field is an inviting draw to the wildlife from the still damp, and shaded woods to come out, browse and greet the morning.

I saw them at a glance in the field. Do you see what I saw?

Five deer in the field. Right? Look again.

At a second, more careful look I realized there were five bucks! FIVE!

The tension is visible here. They know something is up.

Young bucks travel in groups and are very alert. They have keen senses. I knew by the time I attached the big fixed lens on my camera and got set-up they would be history.

They heard me.

They heard the porch door opening. They turned and ran.


It was a special treat. Have you ever seen so many bucks together?

In Case You were Wondering

I did win a few ribbons at our Frederick County Fair. Once again I was surprised by those that did not win and those that did! 🙂 Oh well, it’s still fun.

Next week I’ll take a new batch to Clarke County Fair.

My husband and I also attended the 4-H Livestock Sale. We purchased a lamb. The 4-H’ers work hard all year preparing their animals for the show and sale. All the money at the auction goes to the 4-H participant. The time and expenses of running the sale (dinner included for attendees by local bbq) is donated for the benefit of the 4-H students.

It is an honor to support and be a part this program.

Trompe l’ oeil in Person

Have you noticed the wonder of seeing something in person that has only been seen in books? How magnificent it is in person?

Trompe l’oeil. It is an art form. Ever heard of it? A French word which means trick of the eye. Perhaps you have seen it before?

Until this year, I have seen it only in art books. This past June, I saw it in all its glory in person. The bus tour guide told our group of two special places we would enjoy with our free time while visiting Provincetown, MA.

One place was the Universalist Meeting House of Provincetown, MA. Said to be one of only five entirely trompe l’oeil interiors in the country. Painted by Carl Wendte, a young artist from Hannover, Germany, around 1850. It is a fine exhibit of this interesting art form.

All the columns, the curved alcove, ceiling, side and back walls are actually flat walls! Hence the name, trick of the eye. They surely do not look flat.

So convincing was the art, I touched the back wall to be sure it was flat and not the panel my eyes told me it was. Amazing!

“Don’t be like one visitor,” our tour guide said with a grin. “He came back to me and said, ‘I didn’t see anything in that church but a bunch of columns!’ “That sir,” she said laughing, “Was it!”

See for yourself in my photos below. Better yet, go see this art form in person. You won’t believe your eyes!

Remember it is the walls to look at. The chandelier, pews, flowers, chairs and alter are real. It is the walls and ceilings to look at.
See? It’s flat.

P.S. The second place was the Provincetown Public Library where a scale model of schooner Rosa Dorothea is on display. That is for another time.