Write 28 Day Challenge—#20 Changes

Do you like changes? First it must be defined. Changes mean to substitute something for something else. All sorts of changes occur in our daily lives. So maybe it depends on what changes I am talking about as to whether we like them or not.

Certainly some changes are harder than others. For example: a youngster changing schools; giving up driving because of old age; suddenly loosing a spouse of many years. These changes are nearly experienced by all of humanity.

Other changes may bring great joy to our lives: a new baby; new home, car, shoes, or a new pet. These can be exciting and fun.

Changes can also be terribly challenging. Desiring a change in ourself, our relationships with others, or our lifestyles can be overwhelming and feel near impossible. Good grief, just trying to loose ten pounds makes slaying a dragon seem easy to me!

Or how about changing an attitude toward a co-worker that is difficult to like? Or maybe changing one’s own irritated tone of voice when speaking.

Is it safe to say we all want to be happy? Would we agree that in order to be happy, changes must begin within ourselves?

I do not know all the answers to these questions, but I do know this—God never changes. He is always here to help me substitute something for something else. I have but only call out to Him. He is waiting to hear from me and you. He will help us be the change we want to see. Call out to Him today, won’t you?

For I am the Lord, I do not change.

Malachi 3:6