Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Deny

I will never leave you nor forsake you. Heb 13:5

All the promises of God are true and wonderful for He always keeps His promises. He will never deny those of us that call Him Lord. Blessed assurance.

So the question then is who has denied Whom?

Many times over it has been asked why would God send someone to Hell? In truth, it is we who deny The Lord. It is we who say we want nothing to do with Him. Because of this free will we can choose Jesus as our Lord or deny Him. So if we are not in Heaven it is because we chose not to be.

Should we deny Him, please know it is by our own mind and decision that will separate us from God on the other side of Heaven. Either way it is our choice.

He is waiting for us to turn to Him. Would you turn to Him today? Tomorrow may never come.

Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Explore

A great word for this most special week in the Christian faith—Explore.

An invitation that calls us to explore the facts and truths of this incredible Holy Week. A personal call to each of us to discover (or rediscover) the first-hand witnesses, historical documents, and full-filled prophecies of Jesus, our Savior. The agony He went through to save us from ourselves and our sins.

Explore the facts and decide for yourselves where Truth, Hope, and Joy resides.

He is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Glory!

Decide this day whom you will serve, As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.

Little olive wood cup used in Israel for a garden Communion.

Five-Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Coffee

I wonder how many folks start their day, everyday, with a cup of hot, fresh-brewed coffee first thing? I’m not even sure my day would begin without one. I question if even the sun would rise!

Without coffee and quiet time before God in His Word, my family would not even want my day to begin.

After that all-important time I head out to the barn with a second cup. Whereupon the sun and chickens happily greet the world and me a cheerful Good Morning.

Such a perfect start to the gift of each new day. This country gal could not ask for more.