FMF Writing Prompt—Chance

It is County Fair time here in Virginia!

Always an enjoyable time of year for us. We look forward to both Frederick and Clarke County Fairs.

Competing in events is terrific fun. I will be entering several photographs for a chance of winning a ribbon.

Seeing which photo wins is an interesting surprise. What wins at one fair does not necessarily win at the other. The photos I think may have a chance to win at times does not. Beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is a learning experience to study the winners. Some are obvious, others are not.

See you at the fair!

What is Your Glory?

I suppose the first thing to do is define the word glory. The third definition in the dictionary and the one I am thinking of for the purpose of this post is this: a highly praiseworthy asset.

It is a fun sort of question to think about personally, don’t you think? However it might be easier to spot and define if looking at someone or something else in your life. For instance, I am thinking about HoneyPie, our 18 month old Pembroke Corgi.

Her glory is very easy to spot. Chasing her frisbee. It is truly her glory—her praiseworthy asset. As you look at these photos, I think you will agree. She never turns down as offer to chase and re-chase her frisbee. This may help make it easier for you to spot your glory. If not ask a friend. You may be pleasantly surprised! For me, I would say horses.

A quick stop to say hello to Boo-boo.

Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Twenty

The value of twenty.

I usually call it the value of little. But in the scheme of things, twenty is little in many ways.

Twenty dollars, twenty years old, twenty minutes for example are rather little, would you agree?

However, perhaps all we need is a new perspective on it. Many things can be influenced by the value of twenty. Why for twenty dollars a paper can be purchased along with a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. Those items can be game changers in a persons’ life.

Or how about twenty years? If spent well, it can make a huge difference. As for twenty minutes, I have made an ugly spot most lovely in my garden.

May I never think little of twenty. How about you?

Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Trust

Trust is earned, it is not a given. Would you agree?

Having animals has taught this truth to me. There is an odd thing about it though. I have noticed an injury to the animal that needs my care builds a trust that lasts the remainder of that animals life with me. It’s as if the injury helped build that trust between them and me.

I sure am not one to be looking for injuries to myself or my animals, but I can say it has also worked that way for me as well. Serious injuries have forced me to place the trust of my care to people I do not know. Seems to me trust at times can be a leap of faith.

I wonder, do you think God has something like that in mind for us through pain and injury? To teach us to trust in Him? Hmmm…