Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Choose

I did choose very well eighteen years ago today. Casey Creek Farm in Kentucky was an adoption farm for abandoned nurse mare foals. We were adopting a beautiful, tiny one-month old buckskin filly. I choose her from a pile of photographs they had posted on their website.

Never having had any experience in raising a foal without its momma made it a scary yet exciting adventure to undertake. High Hope seemed the perfect name for her and me.

I could write pages about how High Hope has touched and blessed the lives of so many people in her eighteen years of life. She is a fine mare and one of the greatest joys of my life.

The photo I choose High Hope from.
Happy foaling day today, High Hope! Eighteen years ago today, March 10, 2005!

22 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt—Choose

  1. Eighteen years ago today
    she was found on an adoption page,
    and one now has the right to say
    that she is of voting age,
    but horses aren’t enfranchised,
    which is a doggone pity,
    for they’d improve (don’t be surprised)
    life in every town and city.
    They can’t diagram a sentence,
    but they have kind intents;
    they can see coming menace,
    because they have horse sense,
    which (I think you know it’s true)
    not a lot of voters do.

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