Worse than Instagram!

Our entire afternoon was spent in front of the computer looking, looking and placing bids. We had a great time! What held our time, attention and potentially our money so long?

An auction. Not just any auction. This sale of household items was of a large, local estate.

Passing by the property on trips to town brought questions of the layout of the house. It was not typical. Well set from the main road and up on a small rise of land, the property has a commanding view of the countryside. The layout of the house was rather hard to figure while passing by. I often wondered about it. That all changed with the passing of the owners.

Household contents were recently auctioned off. Two days were set aside for visiting the property to view the items, though the entire sale was on-line. I excitedly joined my friend for viewing the items. I was finally going to see this house.

What a fun time we had in this fine, grand home. It seemed no expense was spared in building it. Marble floors, high ceilings, padded fabric wall treatments, lovely millwork, and elaborate custom drapes were second in comparison to the magnificent circular staircase. It formed the centerpiece of the home.

From a beautifully finished ‘basement’, it wound gracefully around the first floor, up to the second floor. Rooms opened into the well-lit circular hall that completely surrounded the staircase. Behind a door on each level waited an elevator prepared to assist those unable to traverse the staircase.

It was interesting to see the items that we had been bidding for on-line in person. Even great photos cannot compare to real life. Some items were dropped from our list, others were added. We went home and glued ourselves again to the computer.

I had been bidding for days on several items, thinking I won it! However, the final minute of open bidding was the most intense. A bidding frenzy starts in that final minute for a much desired item.

This is worse than Instagram, AND more expensive!”, I laughingly told my friend.

We both won a few bids, and visited that house one more time to pick up our items. Auctions are fun, but they are not for the faint of heart.

Going, going, GONE!!

4 thoughts on “Worse than Instagram!

  1. WOW!!!!!! What a gorgeous house! As I started reading I was thinking you should have took some pictures then boom, there they were! I wonder how much it will sell for? I’m glad you were able to grab some of the items they were selling.

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