FMF Writing Prompt—Important

Important. A fine word for the start of a New Year.

Great for reflection and looking ahead. The questions I ask myself are: Did I accomplish those things I thought were of value and importance to me over this past year? What specifically is important to me in this coming New Year? How am I going to achieve those things I deem important?

One specific goal is to ‘be still and know that I am God’. To set aside quiet time to spend with God and reflect upon my daily life. Reflection is important. I plan on putting this photograph of our grandson astride our miniature horse, Snowbell, where it is easily seen as a reminder to be still a moment of a normal, busy day and think on God. A feeling of refreshment and hopefully a quiet assurance that God is here with me will fill my heart.

11 thoughts on “FMF Writing Prompt—Important

  1. Being still in a world full of chaos and busyness is such a challenge! Praying you find moments of respite, just like your grandson! Blessings, FMF friend #29

  2. Love the pic of your grandson on the pony. I’m with you in wanting to make “be still and know” a priority in my life.

  3. What a beautiful picture to look at and remind you. I feel like I don’t even have time to reflect but I’m hoping by July this will all change. Thank you for being an inspiration. ❤️

  4. What an adorable picture and a very important goal! I miss living on the farm because there were so many opportunities to be still with no distractions. It was so much more peaceful way back when.

    • Oh, Michelle, I pray your full days don’t rob you of some quiet time. I recall living in town with our 4 boys for 8 years. In many ways it was great fun. We could walk everywhere (packing up 4 boys was a real chore!). We had the best, dearest neighbors. You know, I can remember thinking to myself in those ‘quiet’ times (we lived one street back of Main St) that all the car sounds reminded me of the ocean with its continual, rhythmic sound of the waves. Haha! Sometimes it really did sound like that! Blessings to you this day. 🙂

      Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

  5. A wonderful reminder… taking time to reflect but most of all taking the time to be still with God.
    Sometimes we get caught up with our to do lists.
    But we must never forget to set some time to be with God and read scripture.
    Happy New Year Mitzy!

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