FMF—Writing Prompt: Determine

Determine. I like this word.

It speaks of a persons strength of character. To determine to do something or achieve a set goal is a deliberate action. It seems as if I am in God’s plan for me when I work towards a heartfelt goal of mine. God knows our hearts.

One of the goals this year is to become more comfortable, knowledgeable, and accurate with my shotgun at the range.

I am off to a good start.

7 thoughts on “FMF—Writing Prompt: Determine

  1. I know that I can do this,
    to bring the thought to action,
    and in consummated bliss
    validate my passion
    to turn Barb’s old plain-Jane AR
    to something more tricked up,
    and make of her Range Shining Star
    with an Armalite bullpup.
    It’s been a work, one step ahead,
    and then two more steps back,
    and sometimes effort turns to lead
    but then I’m back on track
    to make it work, a thing unique
    and useful, not a range-toy freak.

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