#loveyourneighbor—You may Need Them One Day!

Accidents happen.

Thank The Lord for good neighbors and safety.

Lesson for me: Never be on the phone when husband is out on the farm running equipment.

I did not hear my husband yell. Thank The Lord our neighbor did. He came over to check out why Bill had yelled with the urgency he had. He was bush-hogging around the pond. He got too close to the edge. The bush-hog and back tire of the tractor slipped into the pond.

Thank The Lord for our other good neighbor who has a tractor. Together all three men were able to safely get the equipment out. No injuries, except, perhaps, a bit of pride!

I shall let the photos tell the story:

Our good neighbor making sure it is safe for other tractor go and to pull from.
Other neighbor and rescue tractor in position.
Hooking up chains.
Coming out nicely.
Bush-hog was unhitched. Tractor is out.
Bush-hog rescued!
All is well that ends well. Thank you, thank you to our good neighbors, James & Jeff. Time for a cold drink!

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