Five-Minute Friday prompt—Summer

I grew up working in the tourist industry. Endless Caverns in New Market, VA was my childhood home and our family business.

Summer was the busiest time of year, full of traveling folks from all across America. We had campgrounds, a livery, a 5.5 acre lake for campers and local folks, walking nature trails all over our 1,300 acre farm, and of course the caverns. I took my first tour, as a tour guide, through the caverns at 16 years old.

Summer, to this day, is a special season for me. I always hate to see it go, even though I throughly enjoy all the seasons here in Virginia. We never vacationed—we were the vacation! We met many wonderful people from all parts of America. From sea to shining sea!

I wonder just how many tours I took over all those summers!

13 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday prompt—Summer

  1. Sounds a beautiful place.
    My husband worked in the UK tourist industry for a while, but not locally. I do remember the fun of joining him during the summer at events in the museum, often open air, and being allowed to camp out in one of the properties on the site over weekends with him. We had to earn it though by being ‘volunteered’ as models on the catwalk.
    Your FMF Neighbour #34

  2. Isn’t that something! Summer was just that … Fun… for you! As you were making sure everyone had the Fun, as well.
    Happy Summer my friend!

  3. Aww , I’m sure you gave many tours in the cave and on a horse. It brought back fond memories of the summer I also worked at the caverns and lived my best buddies!

  4. How fun to “be the vacation” every summer! It’s been a few years since I’ve visited a cavern but I always love going. We used to go to Natural Bridge Caverns and Dixie Caverns on school field trips many many years ago. 😁

  5. That’s amazing! That is a lot of acres of land. Does your family still own this vacation spot? I was surprised you were 16 before you went into the caverns. I took my granddaughter into one near us when she was 8 and she did better than me!

    • 😊 I guess I typed it incorrectly, Diane. I gave my first tour as a tour guide at 16! Lol! Should have proofed better than I did! No, we sold the business in 1976.

      Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

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