FMF Writing Prompt—Permission

It seems this word, permission, puts a bad taste in peoples’ mouths these days.

We were recently told of some folks that had trespassers on their property. These folks did not ask permission to be on that property. A post on social media about them being there (the owners did not know who it was) brought such as onslaught of negative remarks to the landowners, the post was removed.

They have a right to be there.”

People can go where they want.”

You have no business owning so much land.”

The property is used for hunting so the owners were concerned for the safety of those trespassers. Is it because asking permission puts one in a humble position?

A man’s pride will bring him low,

But the humble in spirit will retain honor.

7 thoughts on “FMF Writing Prompt—Permission

  1. Good thinking and well said. Humility flows into so many areas of life and we often miss that. Pride is the root of so many sins (I speak from sad experience) but I am thankful that God has mercy and grace to pardon and cleanse.

  2. People are ridiculous! Why do they think it is their God given right to do whatever and go wherever they want. OK if you haven’t guessed, this hit a nerve with me. We moved into the country to get away from people like this. I have had a farmer set fire to a section right behind our house. I called the fire department to put it out and the farmers comment was “Well my parents used to own this property!” Well guess what, they don’t anymore! The fire department’s comment was next time you will be fined $1,000 for burning within 1,000 feet of their house. Then there’s the distance neighborhood kids that thought it was OK to take our sentimental Christmas decorations. Silly kids, called the sheriff and he followed their footprints in the snow right to their house. Now I have cameras outside and guess what, no issues! I feel bad for those people and that comment You have no business owning so much land…REALLY!!!! Maybe they should get a job and then they could afford to own so much land. Sorry Mitzy I will get off my band wagon now. 🤣

    • I totally understand, Diane, and understand. We lack such self-discipline anymore. I feel as if we have been told, “You deserve it!” for far too long. Glad you’ve had no more issues. 😊

      Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

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