Once—FMF Writing Prompt

Once, only once, have I been able to watch a chrysalis transform into a butterfly. Such a fascinating mystery to watch. We put it in a jar. One day we found a Monarch butterfly fluttering around the jar anxious to get out! It happily flew away.

One of our gardens is a designated pollinator garden. That means I allow the milk weed and other insect loving natural plants to grow as food for the Monarchs butterflies and other native insects. It is growing larger every year. I have even mailed milk weed seeds to folks interested in having beneficial pollinating plants for nature in their gardens.

In addition, I have great fun taking photographs of butterflies. Though often it is a real challenge!

Milk weed gone to seed.

10 thoughts on “Once—FMF Writing Prompt

  1. We have milkweed growing wild around the edge of our property. I had butterfly plants but where I had them was open and the winter killed them off. I love that you designated an area as a pollinating garden. You are amazing

  2. I love this Mitzy! It takes me back to my Second Grade classroom before I retired. Every year we would collect Monarch caterpillars and milkweed leaves. Sometimes we had 8-10 at a time to watch. The process of caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly is a true miracle of God and no matter how many times I am a witness it will always amaze me!

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