In Focus #12—Lights and Snow

Do you enjoy watching snow fall?

It seems many folks do enjoy it as it floats, and seemingly dancing softly to the ground. There is something cozy in it. The whole world seems hushed and still. It settles in beautiful ways on tree limbs, fences, and out in the fields. It tells on all those unseen critters that travel around during the night. Their footprints in the snow tell the story of their round-abouts. Out here in the country we see raccoon, deer, turkey, birds, rabbits, and perhaps even coyotes (though they look like dogs).

One thing I especially enjoy is the sight of lights on during a snowstorm. They add a warm welcome to a building. So when an early morning snowfall greeted us good morning the first of this week, I grabbed my camera (after feeding the animals of course!) and enjoyed the lights and snow.

I believe you will enjoy these captures of light and snow as well.

12 thoughts on “In Focus #12—Lights and Snow

  1. Such peacefulness comes from your lovely captures.
    We enjoyed 24 inches of beautiful snow when we went to our LakeHouse this past November. I needed to be close to my sister as her husband was having open heart surgery. (He did very well and is now golfing every other day in Florida! Great place to rehab!)
    Anyhoo… the outdoor lights on the LakeHouse with the snow falling was sooooo lovely. But then when we had to shovel every hour or so… I was dreaming of Arizona.
    Nicely done Mitzy!

    • LOL, Nancy. Best thing about photos is no shoveling required! I’m so glad your brother-in-law did so well with his surgery! Thank you for your kind comments, Nancy. BTW—I so enjoy your Tuesday Creature Feature. 🙂

      Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

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