Conclude—Last FMF Prompt for 2020

Words are fascinating.

After all “In the beginning was The Word”. The meaning of the verb conclude is wonderful. It has two related meanings; one is to come to a decision, the other is to bring to a close.

This year is nearly ready to come to a close, and I have surely made a decision about it. God is in control. He always has been. He always will be. Nothing catches Him by surprise. He has mapped out this coming New Year already and I am sure looking forward to it. For He goes before us.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

One thought on “Conclude—Last FMF Prompt for 2020

  1. Thinking to control and understand,
    we’re really nincompoops,
    for all this is still in God’s hands,
    and He never once said “Oops.”
    No, it’s true we can’t discern
    His purpose in the things He does,
    but we really have to learn
    to trust His love, and that because
    He proved it in far Bethlehem,
    placed with Joseph and Mary,
    born like us, then proved again
    when He met the Cross on Calvary.
    He didn’t have to do this stuff,
    but nowt else was, for Love, enough.

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