Your Favorite Season?

Which season of the year do you like best? Here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, we have all four. Pictures of the Valley will prove it a hard thing to choose the favorite one. At least it is for this blogger.

The end of one season brings a happy au revior with much anticipation for the next one. Plans are always hatching with each new seasons’ arrival. Spring flowers, vegetable gardens, pumpkins and apples, and long winter nights. Each has it’s own unique, wonderful quality. I must admit, the Spring frost date has a way of waiting far too long before coming here in the Northern end of the Valley. New folks to the Valley do not believe me when I say it is mid-to-end of April. We can have snow in October, have slept with windows open in November, and been under a blanket on a summer July night! Makes it all the more interesting, don’t you think? We shun the hot sun in the summer in any cool spot available, and bask in it in fall and winter. Fickle aren’t we? Seasons have their ways, and we adjust.

This winter has seen very little snowfall. A pretty snow fell around mid-December, and that is it. Most folks do not miss it much, nor the work that comes with it. But I enjoy being out in it walking the dog (and cats, they come too), feeding the horses and watching their foggy breath float all around their heads and muzzles. Snow quietly falling on their shaggy winter coats. Do you know a horses’ coat can grow 1/4 on cold winter nights? Cool huh?

The earth is the Lords, and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell in it.

Surprise this early morning though, as a blowing snow suddenly filled the view from the window with white. It was gone as fast as it came. A real hit and run. I have only a few photographs to share of the only snow so far this year, and one bad one from this morning.

Which season is your favorite? I cannot answer that question, for I throughly enjoy each and every one of them. Happy winter to you!

Only one from this early morning.

11 thoughts on “Your Favorite Season?

  1. My weather is much the same as yours Mitzy! But I have to say that Fall is my favorite…with the leaves falling and the rush to get everything finished up outside and tied down before the snow and cold hits…not much snow to speak of here either except that where my home is, the snow stays on the ground until Spring !

    • Fall seems to win, Rose! And I can see why! All the folks that have answered says Fall too. If pushed, I would have to say it’s my favorite season as well. 😊 I do have to admit I am glad snow doesn’t hang around here too long! πŸ˜‚

      Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

  2. These captures are beautiful my friend! The fence with snow is pretty but the flower with snow is incredible!

    Here in AZ in the valley… it’s pretty much the same except in the Summer it’s tooooooo hot. We can see changes of the seasons if we travel to higher elevations. And in the summer we head to Pennsylvania for the summer season!

  3. Hi Mitzy! Your weather sounds so much like mine! In 2 different parts of the country! Beautiful photos and thoughts! I love winter, its resting time for me. And I dearly love the snow, even though I don’t like driving in it, lol! May you have a blessed and lovely day!

    • Isn’t that grand, Marylin! You get more snow than we don’t you? I don’t care for driving in it either except on cleared roads! πŸ˜‚ Blessings, blessings to you. ❀️

      Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia

  4. Wow those pictures with the animals are spectacular!!! I think my favorite season is fall. Not only because of the beauty and cool days, but the change coming from working outside and being inside to experiment with my cooking.

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