In Focus?

Sometimes it is hard to tell. Most especially through the tiny viewfinder on the camera. I have taken photographs all my life. Which is now turning into a long time. I thought getting old would take longer.

The camera has no opinion of my age, though it does have a way of telling me my eyes are not what they used to be. Lighting can be manipulated, color, tone, etc as well. But not focus. On days I am feeling especially smarty, I tell folks I meant for that photo to be out of focus!

I took a photography class not long ago. The instructor said if our photos are not shared, but most especially not printed, our photography is incomplete. So I have decided to regularly post some of the photos that folks seem to like.

It would be a great joy if you would comment and share some of your photos as well. Include stories associated with photograph, if you like. Which one do you like, and why? I appreciate the feedback.

This one was meant to be out-of-focus. Seriously.

5 thoughts on “In Focus?

  1. Hi Mitzy! Love all your photos, you have a gift for capturing special moments! I do love your picture that is intentionally out of focus, it really speaks of quiet contentment. I love it. And I love the sweet faces of your grandkids, the beautiful flowers you captured, and the little moments of joy around your home. They are all lovely! Thank you for sharing them, I too am a lifelong photographer, and am still on a journey of much to learn! Hugs and blessings 🙂

  2. Well, Mitzy, I love them all. You aim at the same things I do; cute faces, pets, nature, shadows, reflections. Bravo, friend, you are honing the craft! I especially appreciate your thoughts on getting older and the incompleteness of a photo if it’s never viewed by others. I am inspired! Thanks.

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