A Good Old Senior who turned 30 Today

This post is from last year when BR turned 30. Now he has turned 31! I thought I’d repost this blog as not too much has changed since last year, except perhaps, a little more white in his coat.


He was a keeper. That was easy to see from the first. He was the right color, good temperament, but best of all he showed signs of being the perfect height and build. Yes, indeed, he was a keeper.

He was put together very well.

Foaled February 12, 1988 at Mom’s Tag-Along Farm located, at that time, in Gaithersburg, MD. She had big plans from the start for him. She, and my step-father, Carl, bred, raised and showed Miniature horses for 20 years. It was their retirement ‘fun’. And fun they had. His registered name is Tag-Alongs Boomerang, which was quickly shortened to BR. It has held ever-since.

Mom and BR had many fun outings at miniature horse shows.

He was just a baby when Tag-Along Farm moved to Clifton Forge, Va. Days were full for this miniature horse who was sure he stood 16 hands tall! He was one…

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5 thoughts on “A Good Old Senior who turned 30 Today

  1. At one time, we owned two miniature horses, and I loved them both. Ben was kind of a pushy little guy, but Augie was my favorite buddy. I’d work outside, and he’d follow along like a big dog. You provoked extremely good memories with this post, and for that I say thank you and Happy Birthday to BR.

    • I know you must have enjoyed those mini’s. What a nice fella to keep you company. They sure do get a bit pushy at times. We do have fun with them. Thank you for reading and enjoying this post.

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