Run Between the Raindrops!

We Virginians that live here in the northern Shenandoah Valley should all be a little lighter in body weight this summer.  The spring rains have yet to end in our part of the world.  Looks like rain again today as well.


Looks like rain again today.

Our summer has been spent running between the raindrops, mowing and weeding the gardens between storms.  And storms they have been!  Torrential rains, thunder, magnificent lighting all across the skies.  Flash floods, roads washed out, downed trees, broken fences from fallen limbs, and piles of cut grass have kept us occupied all summer.  One would think a few pounds would surely be lost in the busyness of this yard work!


A few of we hardy gardeners have thrown in the towel on our gardens.  Tomatoes are plentiful—just green, green.  The crabgrass seems to be the main item happily taking over every space not even previously known to us,  where does it come from?  Though the field corn has faired well.  There may be some fall planting, though no commitments as yet.  Given the choice though, this wet weather seems better than drought.  Sure wish we could give some to California.


We have had rain all summer.

We Shenandoah Valley folk take what we get as far as weather goes.  Try to see the best in it, and smile at the start of another fine day, rain or not.  There is always something worthy of our attention and good to do everyday.


There have been few summers that have stayed this wet with grass so lush and beautiful into August.  Well, this too shall pass, as the old adage says.  So, in the meantime, keep your mower blades sharp, fuel tanks full and good humor running full blast.  Oh, and do not forget a good, tall glass of lemonade!


The field corn has faired well.

The old-timers say, “Make hay while the sun shines!”  Well, guess what?  The sun is shining right now.  Time for this PFO to get out there with the weed eater!


As we old-timers say, “Make hay while the sun shines.”

Know the farmer.  Know the farm.

Homemade is best.



9 thoughts on “Run Between the Raindrops!

  1. Oh Mitzy! How we need that rain too! Too much of anything is never a good thing, even when it is a good thing! We love the sun here, but we’ve had too much without ANY rain since the end of June. It’s crazy, and no rain in the forecast either. I’m glad you’ve had such a lush green summer though, but hope that the rain slacks off enough so you can enjoy what is left of summer! Got your card in the mail yesterday, thanks so much for the card, love the picture on the card, love those spring blooms! Blessings and hugs to you my friend 🙂

    • Have you gotten any rain yet, Marilyn? I think I just signed up to follow your blog! We finally got our fields mowed! Golly, so much thick grass. The animals are fat and happy! Take care. Hugs, hugs to you! Mitzy 🙂

  2. Love your blog Mitzy! We started getting rain near the end of July and it carried on till the middle of September! Can’t complain at all, thank you God 🙏🏻

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