Humid Summer and Frigid Winter Work

What drives a man to want his career in life to be outside work at the mercy of hot, humid summers, and cold, wind-driven winters?  Ben Harrison, proprietor of Harrison Custom Fencing in Boyce, Virginia, will be happy to answer that question.


               Ben Harrison, Proprietor, Harrison Custom Fencing, Boyce, Virginia

Being outside was the first answer he gave.  Not once did he did complain about the weather being too hot, or cold.  He just wants to be out-of-doors.  “Being my own boss,”  was his second reason for why he started his custom fencing business back in 1982.  Ben is not a man of many words.  Good thing I had plenty of questions!

“What do you enjoy most about your business,” was my next question.  He gave a little chuckle.  “There is something fun about being in charge, having a crew, and having them work.”  I laughed out loud at his response to this question, “What do you like least about your work?”  His rapid response?  “Don’t like rocks, too much to do.”


Questions turned to equipment as I asked him about that huge truck he used to drive the posts into the ground.  Intimidating is a good word to describe this enormous truck.  He called it a Guard Rail Post Driver.  I called it scary!   Ben could literally drive that massive machine from post to post through  levers on the back of the bed!  No time would be wasted climbing in and out of the truck to the next post.    Hydraulic power was the force used to slam the 1,600# weight onto the fence post into the ground.  That truck was frightful and amazing at the same time.

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The heavy weight just hit the post. Ben is checking to see if the post is level.


It is hard to see just how big this machine is.


Ben can drive this truck to the next post from the back end.  He’s ‘driving’ it now!

His crew of four men were kind and patient with all the questions and photos from this nosey PFO.  There is something wonderful and amazing about men and women who work their job well.   This is how I know they are good at what they do, because they make it look easy!

I hope you enjoy these photos.  They speak for themselves for a job beautifully done.  Thank you Ben and your fine crew.



Beautiful job.


The fence has upgraded the looks of our farm.


Harrison Custom Fencing (old fence will be removed)



New fence heartily approved by this self-appointed farm inspector!  

Thank you again, Ben.


Know the farmer.  Know the farm.

Homemade is best.

9 thoughts on “Humid Summer and Frigid Winter Work

  1. I always wondered about how those very long fences were put up! Fabulous post my friend!!

    My favorite photo is the sun peeking through the fence!

    And I loved the kitty looking down in the hole!

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