Why Farm Raised?

This is a fine question for those that ever think of the source of their food consumed.  Exactly what does it mean? Well, first off, it does not mean the cheapest.  The cheapest is—well, just that, cheap.  It’s akin to wanting a Nerf gun with all the coolness of Nerf and going to a dollar store to get one—-kindly excuse this PFO’s country expression—“Ain’t goin’ to happen.”


Dresses are a thing, a real BIG thing for this PFO.  Yet though the event is not about the dress, it surely makes an impact.  Just take a quick gander at all the lovely wedding facebook/instagram pages out in cyber-space.  Yes!  The dress does help!  What guy ever wants to marry a gal in sloppy, sack-of-a-dress dress?  So what’s the point?  This,  the things we choose do make a difference in our lives.  Food is no different, no different at all.


Just as a stone dropped in water affects the water to the very edge, so too do our decisions about food.

We ‘vote’, so to speak, with with our money.  And just as a stone is dropped into the water and gently ripples out to the very edge of the stream, so too our money affects our food and how it is produced.  We tell the world what is important to us through our dollars, and how we spend them.  If we are willing to spend good money on a good dress, should we also not be willing to spend good money on good, real food?  For our good food choices will add far more to the length and quality of our lives over any chosen dress (this PFO is fainting slightly at this thought!).


Here at Blue Rock Horses & Farm, our mantra is:  Know the Farmer, Know the Farm.  You are invited to come visit us at any time (except between 6 p.m.-5 a.m. as we go to bed with the chuckles!). We would sure enjoy showing you how we do things out here on this little farm.  This little farm, full of good and carefully cared for animals/food, that has been entrusted to us.  We, this PFO and FH, take this very seriously.


Know the farmer.  Know the farm. 









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