Time Well Spent

“Time well spent”, familiar words from long ago.  Having an air of a gate-keeper, these words question the value of where and how one spends this limited commodity called ‘time’.  Recently they returned to this PFO (Primary Farm Operator) as apples of gold in settings of silver.  Which, of course, requires an explanation.


The riding school here at Blue Rock Horses is solid and basic.  Students learn about horses from the ground up.  Everything learned on the ground transfers to the back of horse.  Here students are the groom, mucker (i.e. they clean horse poo), hayman, keeper of their own tack, groom their own horse, pick horses hooves and tack them themselves.  Oh yes, they must fetch their horse from the paddock as well.  Then they are ready to ride.



They are ready to ride after they have done all the ground work.

Competing in horse shows is not a focus of this school.  But what horse and rider does not love an audience?  Knowing this, Blue Rock Horses has developed a unique way to do just that–-Blue Rock Horses & Farm Riding Recital!



Students showcase their individual skills as well as drill skills.

Held annually, each student has the opportunity to showcase their horsemanship skills to recital attendees.  Every student and horse has strengths at different levels, and our recital gives them the opportunity to exhibit their growth over the year.  It also is a wonderful way for parents to see how their hard earned money is working for the student.



Every student and horse has unique skills.

Afterwards, students give pony rides to interested guests, answer questions, and enjoy goodies!


October is recital month, and plans are underway for next year!  There is work to be done, and fun to be had!




Students gave pony rides to guests, including grandma!

As guests were departing, one real cool grandma remarked with an earnest smile,”  Thank YOU!  It was time well spent!”

Yes, apples of gold in settings of silver.  Thank you, Nancy, for that lovely comment!



Thank you, Nancy, for the lovely compliment,”  It was time well spent!”



Homemade is best

Know the farmer.  Know the farm.






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