Are We eating Lunch Here?

The morning broke with clouds and rain.  The outing was to be cancelled.  That at least was the plan.  But the best laid plans of mice and men…


So at 7:30 a.m. that very morning word came, the elderly folks were indeed making their trip to visit the farm and would arrive at 10:30.  This place was not the place to be for those well-organized minded folks.  Instantly, the farm turned into a ‘just-been-hit’ beehive!  A place needed to be cleared in the garage for the visitors.  Do not miss that point–-in the garage!   Say it ain’t so!   This room has the strictest of orders to not be open to visitors, and now it must receive guests?   To say orders were flying like a mad Army sergeant is polite speak.  How does one turn ‘messy, dirty’ into ‘marvelous, and delightful’ in less than 3 hours, get 6 bedraggled horses looking beautiful, gather up chickens that do not like rain, and keep wet dogs away from dry visitors?


The visitors were indeed coming in spite of the rain!  In the garage of all places!!


Whoopie is eager to greet our guests.


Teamwork!  That is what gets it done.  Everyone knew their job that had to be done to make it lovely for our special guests, and they did it and then some. So special thanks go out to Helen Bricker, the Activities Co-ordinator at Westminster-Canterbury, who planned the outing,  Josh Dudley, her able-bodied boyfriend, and Sarah Stanley, our capable horse-handler and riding student here at the farm.  A hearty, hearty Thank YOU!!



Sarah, and Helen showing the Bigs to our special guests.


The chuckles made everyone happy by their appearance!


A hearty, hearty Thank You to all those that worked fast and hard to get this put together with last minute plan changes!

Homemade is Best

Know the farmer, know the farm.





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