Posh Squash Recipe–Simple and Yummy

Be prepared to hand out this recipe wherever it is served.  Posh Squash is surely simple and yummy.  Do not count often on having left-overs of this dish.  It is a quiche, a crustless quiche.  It has become a summer staple out here on the farm.  Only those folks who just cannot stand the thought of eating squash of any sort will turn this dish down.  More for the fans!



Two pounds of squash is needed.

Posh Squash

2 lbs. yellow squash sliced.  Cook with one small onion, chopped, until just done.  Drain & mash (not too fine).

Combine:  1/2 c mayonnaise; 1/2 c Parmesan cheese;  2 beaten eggs                                              Fold squash into above mix.  Put in 1&1/2 qt casserole.  Salt & pepper to taste.                          Bake 1/2 hour at 350^

This PFO adds thin sliced fresh tomatoes on the top and paprika for garnish before baking.



Cook squash and onion together.


Add mayonnaise mixture to .mashed squash with onion.



For pretty color and appeal, add fresh tomatoes, and sprinkle with paprika.


This dish makes up very easy.  The fresher the squash, the faster it cooks.  It goes well with beef, fish, or chicken.  Once it has been served at a meal, be prepared to requests for the recipe.  So keep it near-by!  FH (Father Harry) says it is one of his most favorite summer dishes.  Give it a whirl! Give a shout-out on how it turned out!


Voila!  Eat with a delicate, pretty fork!



Fresh eggs in quiche are cheerfully laid by the happy Chuckles!

           Homemade is always best!!

                                                 Know the farmer, know the farm.

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