Sally and the Mootel

Ride, Sally, ride.  That is the song that inspired her name.  She is a traveling cow to be sure.  An inquiry came over the internet about having a cow stay the night here at the farm.  A strange inquiry for sure, one to which this PFO (Primary Farm Operator) immediately replied an excited affirmative;  quite sure the meaning of an overnight dairy cow would be explained upon arrival to the farm.


The rig pulled in around 12:30 Thursday afternoon.  It was a beautifully, clean, colorful rig driven by a young, Southern lady whose name was, Amanda, who wore pearl earrings.  She parked the rig near the barn, jumped out of the truck with a big grin, and extra-firm handshake (comes from hand-milking the cow!).  Immediately she unloaded Sally, who was more than happy to be out of that tin can and onto eating green grass.



Amanda immediately unloaded Sally, the beautiful Jersey milk cow.


Sally was happy to get off the trailer and onto some green grass.


Amanda was charming and friendly, and very willing to answer all the dozen questions thrown at her:  Where are y’all from?  What is a Mobile Dairy Classroom?  Do all Auburn graduates wear pearl earrings?  Will Sally be okay in the field with our animals?  Where are y’all going tomorrow?


She patiently answered all our inquiries while Sally happily grazed in the yard, and the horses watched intently from the barn yard.  Amanda is an Instructor with the Mobile Dairy Classroom.  An outreach of SouthLand Dairy Farmers to teach school children and other interested groups about the dairy cow, milking, caring for them, and any questions they may have.  She actually milks Sally with modern equipment while she stands eating her feed in a ‘milking stall’ on the trailer. They were en-route to another class and needed a Mootel for Sally for the night!


High Hope was not exactly hospitable at first.  Though she tried to be intimidating, it did not work on Sally.  Sally was happy to be in the field, and was busy inspecting her accommodations for night.



High Hope did not extend the warmest of welcomes!  Notice how HH is touching Sally with her nose and not her teeth? 


That cow in High Hope’s stall?  Why that is too much for any decent mare to have to put up with!!


When the steers and she met, they followed her everywhere like little black shadows.  It was easy to see she was very used to being in different places.  She made herself right at home inspecting the entire field and barn.



The steers followed her all afternoon.


She sure is LOTS bigger than our miniatures!


Amanda and Sally loaded up and left early the following morning.  Sally gave us a lovely thank-you gift before leaving, a little milk!  Time to make home-made yogurt!  The topic of our next blog.  Stay tuned.











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