They taste like Doughnuts

“They taste like doughnuts,” is the usual response heard for these old fashioned homemade rolls this PFO (Primary Farm Operator) makes so often.  Another one;  “They taste like the ones my grandmother used to make”, or even “Ohhhh, they remind me of the ones I used to eat in school!”  Must have been when real food was cooked in school cafeterias.


These rolls go far back into family time on Father Harry’s side.  BTW, ‘Father Harry’ is the loving title given by one of the sassy offspring that share the same last name.     Anyway, these golden bits of yumminess come from Father Harry’s grandmother’s kitchen now only cobwebs of memories in one’s mind.  Thank goodness for handwritten recipes, and mothers teaching their little girls homemade magic in their busy country kitchens.





The happy dough rises just as it should–quickly.  Scales are used to insure every roll will be the same weight.  This avoids fighting over the bigger ones, and helps keep Father Harry’s waist neat and trim!


Rising time is 25 minutes after forming rolls.  Baking time is 22-25 minutes.  From start to finish, this old fashioned, simple recipe takes about 1&1/2 hours to 2 hours.  There is time during the risings to do other things as well, like shooing the chuckles out of the flower gardens, fresh water for dogs and cats, opening gates for the cattle, snipping fresh flowers for the table or just sitting on the cool porch with a cup of hot coffee.



Fresh from the oven.


May have to hide them to make it to supper time!


The recipe is not included.  Please make a request for it, if desired, via this blog!  FH (Father Harry) has given permission to share!



Know the farmer know the farm.

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