A ‘Do Not Throw Out Pastry’ Pastry

Homemade pie crust can be challenging to make, but not impossible.  It is fun to try, try and try again over time to improve pie crust making skills and ‘wow’ the crowd with a beautiful pie.  “Yummy!”, “Can we eat it NOW!”, “That pie looks beautiful!”, are responses sure to put a smile on any pie makers face.


This blog though is not about how to make wonderfully delicious pie crusts, it is about what to do with the left-over pie crust not used for the pie.  For years this PFO had the temerity to throw-out the left over dough!  How silly and wasteful.  A generous friend shared how her grandmother used to use the left-over dough for a most delicious little pastry.  Wow!  The left-overs have not ever found themselves in the garbage again!


Spread jam over top of rolled out dough. Of course this PFO’s jam is home-made.


Roll out left-over dough on lightly floured counter as thin as can be done.  Spread jam over the entire top of dough.  For a different taste, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over the top of rolled out dough.  Dollop bits of butter over the jam (or cinnamon/sugar).  Roll into a long “jelly roll”.


Place bits of butter all over spread out jam.

The rolled out ‘pastry’ looks similar to photo below.  Place it on a folded in-half piece of aluminum foil, turn up edges so jam does not drip in oven.  Bake in oven beside pie.  It may need to come out before pie is finished, keep an eye on it.


The fun of this left-over pastry is not to fuss over it.  It will be long gone before any critique be made.


This PFO has made it a lifelong practice to be careful in making promises.  However, this left-over pastry is surely an exception.  There will never be any left-overs of this ‘do not throw out pastry!’ pastry, and that is a promise!



Remember:  this pastry is not for ‘looks’, it is for ‘not being wasteful’.

This old-timey, waste not recipe is not for ‘looks’.  That is what the pie is for.  This pastry is for those that do not like to waste food, and love to watch folks enjoy the products of smart thinking!  Have fun and enjoy!

peach pie 7-2017

The home-made pie is for ‘looks’!

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