The Magnanimous Sun

Is there much better than a fresh Spring day with the warm,  friendly sun shining happily and a gentle breeze?    Most especially when there are clothes to put out on the line.  The sun is so polite.  It never criticizes the shape or faded color of these old farm clothes.  It simply shines warmly and brightly on them without discrimination.  They flap joyfully in the breeze and smell like Heaven when dried.


The sun and breeze dries the clothes in a hurry.

‘How simplistic’ some may think.  Perhaps so,  though this PFO has heard some sweet remarks from this simple job.  “I felt at home when I saw the clothes on the line,”  was one recent remark here at the new farm.  Years ago when one of the now grown sons was visiting in France for a month, as a teenager, wrote in his journal he ‘missed seeing Mom hanging clothes on the line.’  Golly!  Who would have ever thought that?

There are two things this PFO has noticed traveling up and down this Shenandoah Valley over the past 30 years that have decidedly disappeared.  One is a vegetable garden, the other is the old clothes line.  These seem to be lost to ‘modern’ times.  Here at Blue Rock Horses & Farm, they are considered parts of a healthy lifestyle and are banked into the ‘good health and well-being’ accounts.   It is part of being a good steward, working together with the land, sun, and weather to the benefit of all.  Besides all  that—it is fun!

Enjoy the dance of the sun, wind and clothes!

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