Winter is Over and Gone

It has been for several weeks.  However, the last frost date here in our area is May 15th.  A date most folks around here do not like to mention, much less think about.  It is what it is.  This PFO enjoys the long winter nights and cold days.  One can always put on more cloths to stay warm, but how does one take off more cloths when the temperatures are boiling hot??


This crewelwork was a high school graduation gift over forty years ago.

At any rate, it is a relief to have time off from all the outside work of flower gardens, vegetable gardens, dandelions, and weeding, weeding and more weeding.  So, just how do farmers spend those long winter nights?  For most of the PFO’s life, including the younger years, long evenings were spend in front of the television with a piece of crewelwork in hand.  To just sit in front of the television was a waste of time, so the hands were occupied for those long evening hours.


Detail of work.


Thread was wool, stitched on linen fabric.

This crewelwork has a long history.  It was begun over forty-two years ago in front of the television on those long, contemplative winter nights by this PFO’s older sister.  It was to be given as a high school graduation gift.  Indeed it was given—only it was not finished!  It took another twenty years for this PFO to complete stitching it, and another twenty-plus years before it was finally completed and hung with great joy on the wall of this home here at Blue Rock Horses & Farm.


It has a beautiful array of stitch work.

Even this frame has an interesting history, for it was given, in passing, by an old, delightful black gentleman in Millwood, Virginia to this PFO one day many years ago.  He held it high in his hand and called, with an enchanting smile,”Would you like this frame?”  The answer is obvious.



The colors are vibrant and cheerful.

And so, today, it is finally on the wall.  Funny how sweetly certain things can elicit a warm memory and smile.


The frame has an interesting story all by itself.


It is finally on the wall.  What sweet memories it evokes.


You are invited to come take a look at this long-to-take finished project!  Please phone first though.  It is spring-time and now this PFO is under a pile of weeds!

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