Generous Little Chuckles

All the chuckles are laying eggs these warm spring days to the delight of this PFO (Primary Farm Operator).  Everyday is a learning day with these interesting, fun birds.  The first few times they laid in the horse feed buckets securely attached in the corners of the stalls.  After bringing in a fresh supply of hay, the nesting area was moved in a cozy spot in the hay bales.  How is this hay ever to be used?  Who would dare to upset the nesting area?


At first they laid in the horse feed buckets attached to the corners of the stalls.


With the new load of hay, a cozy nest was built in a quiet corner of the stacked hay.

Most of them lay in that beautifully made nest, though once or twice a egg has been found in the coop.  Indeed they do ‘sing their egg laying song’ after getting off the nest. At times they are downright noisy!  They are chatty, curious critters.  The dogs have learned to leave them alone.  Now they go after the feed!  Apparently the only feed needed here at Blue Rock Horses & Farm is chicken feed!

They are so still and quiet while sitting on the nest.  A couple times another is waiting for the space, she will get impatient and just go sit on top of the chicken on the nest!  She will even get pecked by the impatient hen.  Ever quiet she remains.  She has a job to do.  Miss Impatience gives up and leaves.  She returns in due time and deposits her little treasure there in the same nest.


They sit so still and quiet on their nest and watch the activity in the barn.


These chuckles run free around the barn.  They have good hiding in the overgrown fence line nearby.  The horses, cows and dogs are accustomed to their presence.  To stand quietly, watching the little hens on the nests, listening to the horses eating hay, and watching a tiny mouse scurry across the sunlit floor for a bit of cracked corn has a gentle sense of peace, and order, and wonder that is difficult to describe.  This is life on the farm.


They have good hiding places in the brush along the fence row.

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