The Chuckles

This is what we call our chickens—our chuckles.  The name came about because of no glasses.  Texting my Colorado sister a couple weeks ago without glasses caused this new lexicon to our farm life vocabulary.  The blurry text surely looked like the word ‘chickens’ and thus a new word is born—our chuckles!


It has turned out to be a wonderful name.  These girls surely make this PFO laugh everyday.  Laughter is a good, powerful antidote for life.  It is simply too hard to stay grouchy around these girls.  They will not have any of that.  They are expressive, talkative, social critters.  Their names are perfect chicken names:  Beatrice, Doris, Henrietta, and Tabitha.


It is too hard to stay grouchy around these girls.


The dogs are most interested in them.  We are training the dogs to ‘leave it!’.  One is learning better than the other.  It can be done though.  The horse farm where Duke was purchased had hens, peeps, FIVE dogs, cats, and a herd horses all living happily around one another.  One of the dogs had recently been adopted, and was still learning what was and what was not his.  There was actually a chicken nest in the corner of one of the horse stalls with 8 eggs in it!   That PFO (also a gal) sure impressed this one!



The farm where our horse, Duke, came from had a chicken nest in the horse stall with eggs in it!



This is the goal here at Blue Rock Horses & Farm.  To have the chuckles busy eating grubs all around the stable.  It is good Duke is so accustomed to them.  He will help us train the other horses, who act as if they have seen the boogie man.  You are invited to come out, spend some time with the girls, and let them brighten your day!



Duke will help train the other horses not to be chicken of the chickens!

5 thoughts on “The Chuckles

  1. It’s good to see them out of their stall and getting more used to their new home! So when do they start laying eggs!

    • I do not know! I have been told when it gets warmer and stays light longer. Also, when they shed feathers it’s a sign they’ll soon start. I have read when their combs start turning a darker red is another sign! Did you know the color of their ear lobes is the color of their eggs?

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