Shop Class-Let there be Light

It was required.  The girls had to take one semester of Shop Class, and the boys had to take one semester of Home Economics.  That was a LONG time ago.  There is probably no such thing now in high school requirements.  This is too bad also, for every home that this PFO has been in since those days all have lamps (ok, except for the Old Order Mennonites).  Repairs still need to be made.


Years ago in high school Shop Class was required for girls.

There was good thinking behind those old requirements too.  After all, not every guy or gal got married or they lived alone before getting married. Guys should know how to cook and keep a house, and gals should know how to do simple repairs and use basic tools.  The internet offers instructional videos on virtually everything know to man, and this is a big help. One cannot ask it questions though as it runs, which many times leads to additional learning.


We learned how to change sockets on lamps.

Oh well, c’est la via.   This old PFO was happy to stir up old shop class memories to do this simple repair on a lamp.  The joy of success!  By-the-way, was it mentioned an instructional u-tube video also helped with this little project?  Ha!  Thank goodness for both.  Let there be light!


Let there be light…

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