The Drag Queens are Out

Must be the mild weather and sunshine that has brought them out in force today.  After all who does not like to be out in this lovely, pleasant weather?

Every farm has a drag queen, and the weather is the dictator of just when one will see them out.  Not only weather, but field conditions must be good for the queen to be out as well.  A field cannot be properly dragged if the ground is too soggy, or full of snow.

Today was the day and this PFO was the first queen out on the fields this morning.  At this moment there are two others out working their fields.  It is a perfect day for dragging fields.  It is also a necessary job here on the farm.  The land benefits from dragging.  Cow and horse manure is broken up and spread over the ground and nourishes it.  This in turn brings blessings to both man and beast.  When the land is loved and well cared for everyone reaps.


Was a perfect day for dragging fields.


Spread horse and cow manure is very nutritious for the land.



This day began with a sprinkling of rain, which called for a change of plans in the work order of the day.  Scratch off dragging the fields.  An hour or so later a gentle breeze blew softly over the land , the sun smiled through the clouds, and this PFO decided to get a goin’ outside while the getting was good.  Job done, checked off.  Yes.

It is hard to see the result so close to the ground.  But step up on a rise in the land and look.  The fields are beautifully cleaned.  They surely look as if they have been brushed with a giant soft hairbrush.  Love the land and it will love you back.


Before the drag queen worked.





After the drag queen worked.


Love the land and it will love you back.

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