Cows are not Political

This week has come to an end.  Thank goodness.  I believe everyone is glad the election is over.  I am not saying everyone is happy with the results, simply happy it is over.

Here at Blue Rock Horses & Farm things were normal as usual this week.  I am not complaining!  We like it when things are normal.  I am saying is it is good cows are not political.  Neither are the horses, cats, dogs, or Jeffy, the parakeet.  They are highly opinionated though.  Each one is quite good at communicating their opinions to those who pay attention.  Time to let me out;  time to let me in;  I like my hay spread out;  my ear is itchy;  these flies are annoying me;  this hay does not taste good;  it is time for supper!   To name a few of their ideas.  They are very good at letting us know what they think!


They ‘knock’ at their stable door, insisting on feed;  they stand in front of their treat jars just hoping they can ‘will’ a treat to themselves;  they moo or whinny from across the field the moment they see someone coming from the house;  and worst of all, they stand stock still and just STARE at you!!  They run-up behind you,  in front of you, all around you (ever wonder why we wear hats, gloves, and carry sticks??)


Sometimes they stand stock still and just STARE at you!

This is why I am glad they are not political!  They are pushy enough!  Good thing too.  No banner waving, flag burning, property damaging, crying or pouting from them when their guy does not win.  Thank goodness.  Just remember this:  Do not ever mess with feeding time, you may open your barn door one early morning to find every one of them holding a protest sign!

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