Cows are Easier than Kids

I have had both, and plenty of each one over the years.  They are both cute, for sure.  But cows are easier—why?


Cows are easier than kids

They do not live in my house first and foremost.  This is huge—no shoes, socks, dirty underwear, books or toys are to be found strewn around my house because of the cows.  I do not have to dust nor vacuum their space.  They eat the same thing morning, noon, and night.  No meal planning necessary.  How great is that?  I never have to wash their clothes.


There are no days of packing them in my truck and hauling them hither and yon for this and that activity.  No music lessons to pay for, no beds to make, no faces to wash, nor teeth to brush.  This is getting better and better!


Yet…I would have no one to play games with, to tuck in bed at night, no poetry to read and laugh over…”There was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead!”…and worse of all is that I would have nobody  to horseback ride with.


Have someone to horseback ride with.  Grandkids are the GREATEST!!  (Three generations of riders here in this pic!)

Well, cows are great—yes.  Kids are greater to be sure.  But,

Grandkids are the GREATEST of all!!!  Can I hear an AMEN!!?

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