Baby, It’s Cold Outside

7:40p.m., winter has come for a frosty visit, 14^ outside, feels like 0^.  Hope enough hay was put out for the livestock this evening.  Life on the farm.  Layers upon layers of cloths to stack on before heading out to barn.  Careful not to fall down, may not be able to get up again, like Ralphie from A Christmas Story!


It is 14^, but it feels like 0^

This kind of cold requires attention to every detail in care of the animals.  Plenty of hay is a must.  Here at our farm we go out three times a day in this severe cold to feed hay.  Hay is the best fuel for warmth for them, and is far better than grain.  Square bales are our hay of choice.  All of it is eaten.  We put out straw for the cattle to bed on.  Cattle lie down far more than horses.  They must have a ‘bed’ to lie on for warmth, especially in this frigid cold.  Should the animals eat all the hay, they will eat the straw if it is good, dry and fresh.  This is a comfort when our heads hit the pillows at bedtime.


Plenty of good hay is a must for keeping animals warm.

Water heaters keep the water unfrozen and at a good temperature.  Some horses will not drink too cold of water.  There is also danger of colic.  Should you ever see rusty red snow in your horse fields, it is a good sign your horse is not drinking enough water.  Put the heater in your tank right away.  There is something illogical about putting electrical equipment in a tank of water!  Much is given over to faith by this primary farm operator!


Hay is far better than grain for maintaining warmth in frigid cold.

Yes, baby, it is cold outside sometimes.  But tending to the animals not only warms the body, it warms the soul.


Tending to the animals warms the body and soul.

Happy Winter all y’all from from Blue Rock Horses and Farm!

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