I am Seeking a Divorce

It pains me to say this, but I am seeking a divorce.  I hope those that know me know how hard I have endeavored to make this relationship work.  It simply is not going to happen, so I must seek a divorce ASAP.

It surely is not because I have not made every effort.  I have trusted and trusted—to no avail.  A divorce is simply the only way out.  My sincere hope is that everyone will eventually come to an understanding of just why  this divorce must take place.  Perhaps if one would spend the time where I have been lately one would know the utter pain and sadness I have felt as of late—perhaps, hopefully, one would see just why I need this divorce.

I am seeking a divorce from the supermarket.  We simply do not see eye-to-eye any longer.  Oh!  How it grieves me to say this chasm has been building for years upon years.  We simply must break up, period.  End of story.  Now the hard part is making this happen, and figuring out just how life proceeds without the grocery store.  I am seeking a new “me.”  I have determined because of the despicable nature of the source that supplies supermarkets, they no longer are worthy of my hard-earned dollars.  To all my Christian friends, please pray for me!

I am working diligently to divorce myself from the industrial food system that supplies all supermarkets. I have finally read and watched enough u-tubes on this grotesque industrial food system, aka CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), to know I shall not ever buy meat again from a grocery store, or superstore.

I have evolved into a true “localvore.”  Yes, we do spend more money on food (that is because real food is not subsidized by our government).  That is fine, for I know our beef, chicken, pork, and vegetables have enjoyed a real, normal life, indigenous to how they were created.

As I have said in previous blogs:  if you cannot visit your food supplier—you may want to evaluate where your food comes from and just what you are eating.  Here at Blue Rock Horses and Farm, we delight in showing you where your beef (and soon eggs!) come from, and exactly how they are being raised.  You are invited to come meet the animals, and visit around the farm.


Here at Blue Rock Horses and Farm you are invited to come meet the animals, and visit around the farm.


“The Measure of a Society can be how well its people treat its animals”

—Mohandas Gandhi



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