The Cozy Barn

In the early morning light of a cold January morning while spreading straw in the horse stalls, I am reminded of just how cozy a barn is.  The horses make their way in to stand in the fresh straw and quietly eat their sweet smelling hay.  In this peaceful setting it is hard to think of the worries the day may (will) hold for us.  There is no rush at this moment.  The horses have a calming, comforting affect as does the barn.


It does not mind dirt on its floor.  It houses birds and mice without complaining.  Cats find warm spots to sleep, and cobwebs wave happily in its rafters.  Even a Baby was born in the barn.  The rain plays a rhythmic tune as it falls on the roof.  A day begins and ends in the barn—the wonderfully, cozy barn.



Horses and Snow

On wet, snowy days, our horses get their hay inside the open barn.

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