The ‘Bigs’ and the ‘Littles’

The ‘littles’ are what we call our miniature horses here on the farm.  The name has a family history, if you will.  That is because I am a twin, and we have an older set of twins (our mom was a twin also!).  My twin and I are the younger set, and have therefore always been called the ‘little’ twins.  So for fun, the mini’s are called the ‘littles’, and our full-sized horses are called the ‘bigs.’

The 'bigs' and the 'littles.'

The ‘bigs’ and the ‘littles.’

But here is a thought—my twin and I are actually bigger than our older ‘big’ twins.  Perhaps then we should call the ‘bigs’ the ‘littles’ and the ‘littles’ the ‘bigs’!  Oh my!!

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